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Needs of the


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Acquaint Western World believers with the challenges facing the suffering church in specific access-restricted Asian and Himalayan countries

Inform the same of opportunities available to help and to equip our suffering family.

Facilitate responses to those opportunities.

Encourage and equip the saints of the free world to equip the saints of this area of the restricted world.

Philosophy of Ministry

We deliberately limit our staff and infrastructure by working with other organizations and individuals to maximize our impact.

Staff are volunteers only so NO funds are diverted to salaries.

This more leverage/less infrastructure approach lets us be more effective providers instead of organization builders, multiplying every dollar given to Frontline Resources.

We hope you will consider leveraging your own kingdom investments through our organization.

Who We Are

Frontline Resources exists to encourage and equip the saints living under persecution in Access Restricted Nations where old threats remain, and new threats are rapidly emerging. Often referred to as “Behind the Bamboo Curtain.”

What We Do

Frontline Resources provides seminars and training as requested by National partners as well as Bibles and study materials. Outreach funds are given for evangelism purposes, lively-hood projects, and mercy funds to the persecuted, including imprisoned pastors and their families. We work with partners to provide safety and education to combat human trafficking, as well as emergency relief.

Where We Do It

Frontline Resources works in SE Asia including Myanmar (formerly called Burma), NE India and areas of the Himalayas. Moreover, we have strong ministry opportunity connections in Bhutan and the Phillipines.

How We Do It

By the grace of God, through long-standing side-by-side relationship and ministry history with key National believers and through your prayers, financial support and/or through your on-the-ground ministry activity.

Everything we do for persecuted and at-risk belivers is at the request of pastors indigenous to the countries and numerous people groups they represent.

Everything we do on-the-ground in access-restricted areas is done “with locals, in their ministry areas, for locals”.

NOTE: Additional detail is not safe to publish on the “World Wide Web” because it is accessible to all with Internet access – including persecutors of Christians.  For more information and to discover how you can help minister to our suffering Family in Christ, please email us at

Responding to the Needs of the Community

Frontline Resources serves the persecuted Church in many ways that can open doors to the Kingdom message. Being able to address basic needs is a key. In these pictures, some of the community show off their new Hygeine kits after a health clinic provided by Frontline Resources supporters.

Helping with such needs creates a conduit to share God’s love and Word in a closed country. Indigenous church leaders share community concerns, in turn creating projects that span from medical/dental outreach clinics, equipping people with specified skills, to livelihood projects that help create a financial self-sufficiency.

Responding to the Needs of the Church

Frontline Resources places a priority on sharing the Word of the Lord. Great sacrifice is made to ensure the Word is available – even when the governing bodies may not be so inclined. We provide training and bibles for the indigenous church. Bibles are in their native language either written, or audio form.

Training events will consist of, but are not limited to, women’s conferences, children’s camps, and spiritual growth seminars, all at the request of the national leaders within the Church. No matter what the need, the goal is to strengthen, encourage, and equip the local church community to a deeper, stronger relationship with and knowledge of our Lord so they can reach others in their community. Matthew 28:19-20 is alive!

Responding to the Vision

In a landscape full of culture and competing beliefs, it takes an investment of time and resources to be able to gently show the difference between them and Christianity. Respectfully, and in Love – Frontline Resources works within the cultural boundaries to share the Word and His hand. Frontline Resources was created to respond to the call and vision of the Lord to serve and equip the persecuted church in access restricted areas of SE Asia. To learn more, visit our “mission” page.

Responding to the Needs of Frontline and Its Work

Love is a Universal Language. Evident on the face of the communities we interact with… it is with your help and support that we can affect more communities through our outreach. Won’t you consider reaching behind the bamboo curtain? Becoming a Prayer Partner or a Provision Partner is simple.

Send us an email and let us know your commitment area and ability. One time or occasional donations can also be made in several ways. Please see the Support page of our website. All donations to Frontline Resources are tax deductible.


Ways to Give

You can give right here through a credit card/PayPal by using the form below.


Checks can be made out to Frontline Resources, and mailed to:

290 Suncrest Dr. New Braunfels, TX 78132


Venmo – @Frontline_Resources

How Our Support Works

We work with and through our partnerships with indigenous nationals to aide pastors, and orphanages, do local outreaches, livelihood projects and aide ministries in ways that come alongside and limit dependency so as not to rely solely on the West for their financial support.

All staff are volunteers, and we have minimal overhead as we work from home, so you can be assured the maximum amount of your donation goes to its intended target.

We hope you will consider leveraging your own kingdom investments through our organization.If you have a particular area, you are wanting more information about to donate for, please contact us directly at info@frontineresources.org

Thank you!


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